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About us

Boutique Hotel Baylle is located in the heart of Cagliari, between the lively districts of Marina, Stampace and Castello, where the most suggestive points of the city can be found. Its proximity to the commercial and tourist port, the cruise pier and the railway station makes it the ideal place for those who want everything at their fingertips.

The ancient palace belonged to the families of the nobility of Cagliari, and was built between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

During the renovation, the typical neoclassical style of the Palazzi Cagliaritani was preserved, harmonised by a modern restyling of the interiors, to ensure comfort and functionality.

The views over Largo Carlo Felice and Via Baylle will seduce you with the captivating local atmosphere. The hotel is ideal for those who enjoy recreation in the lively neighbourhoods of the old town, for tourists who want to discover Sardinia with its sea, its traditions and its cuisine. It is also the best choice for those who have to travel to Cagliari for business meetings.